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Monday, August 30, 2010

Lapbooks for Autumn

I hope everyone is enjoying back to homeschool!  We had our first day today and it went really well.  I hope to write more about it soon.  I think lapbooks are great to use in homeschool, especially in the younger grades.  I have made several lapbooks with my children and hope to make more of them this year.  I though I would pass on some lapbook resources that I have gathered for fall.  Just click on the title and it will take you to the page full of resources.

Fall Lapbook
Harvest Lapbook
Pumpkin Lapbook
Apple Lapbook
Nocturnal Animal Lapbook
Woodland Animal Lapbook
Turkey Lapbook
Owl Lapbook
Native American Lapbook
Weather Lapbook (hurricane season)

If you want lapbook resources through out the year, check out this page:
Lapbooking Through the Year

For more lapbooking resources, check these out:
Lapbooking Resources
Lapbooking Supplies

I hope you are having a great year so far!


  1. That lapbook looks nice. Glad your first day went well. :)


  2. That is great news to hear! And I love your lapbook, too.

  3. Very cool you are choosing to home school your kids. Most parents will not take the time to do such a thing! They might be a bit young for this yet, but here is a free calculus resource that can start them off into advanced mathematics.

  4. Carl-

    Thank you for the resource. My oldest son is not quite at that level, but he will be in a few years.

  5. That looks awesome! Thanks so much for all the links they are going to really come in handy.

  6. We haven't done much lapbooking in the last few years (at least like we had the few years prior to that.) But I'm getting back to it a little bit with my youngest this year doing the pak from Homeschool in the woods on Industrial Age through Depression. We're looking forward to more hands on again... I'm still over at HS blogger though contemplating moving...

  7. Thank you for posting these links! I've decided to add the nocturnal animals lapbook to our schedule!



  8. Understand about the Handwriting, my daughter is in the same boat. Just became a follower. Thanks for the wonderful links


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